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Family Law

Life happens. Sometimes you can plan it, sometimes the way things go turn out unexpected or different. Because of our experience, our family law experts can assist you in finding the right service for you and your family; ranging from a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreements to drawing up the deed of division of goods or a last will of testament.

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Buying a home or maybe even a yacht on an Auction? The style of the auction in Aruba is “bidding and junction”. This way of auctioning is so typically Dutch that the term "Dutch Auction" is used in English. In some cases, the auction is voluntary, like the auctions of the former Ministry of Defense homes owned by the Dutch government in Aruba.

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Notarization of your signature, a proxy abroad, passport photos, diploma's or even fingerprints, an Attestatie de vita- a certificate of life- or Kopie collationee -True copies-, are legal services that we can provide you. Feel free to call us for more specific information or for making an appointment. If you visit our office we recommend you to take a valid identification with you.

Real Estate

Real estate on Aruba. Living on a tropical island is a dream come true for many. A house or condominium, enjoying your vacation or an investment opportunity? The possibilities are endless. If you are thinking of buying a piece of our beloved rock, here you’ll find everything to know about the process of buying real estate at a notary office.

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Due to the COVID-19 situation on the island, there is a shelter in place restriction in effect in Aruba and therefore our office is in principal closed for the general public.